About E-posters

E-posters will be displayed on large LCD touch screens for the duration of the symposium. Authors of e-posters are requested to be present at assigned times to discuss their findings with the audience.

E-posters can be presented in either PPT(X) or JPG format.
MS PowerPoint, Apple Keynote or specialized graphic software (Adobe 
Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign) can be used for their design (please see below).

Dimensions of the e-poster screen are 67 x 96 cm (w x h). However, your e-poster doesn’t have to fit exactly into these dimensions – its width will automatically adjust to 67 cm and its height is not limited as it can be scrolled by hand. It will be possible to zoom smaller details on the e-posters (e.g. pictures, graphs, tables).


How to prepare and submit your e-poster:

1. preset the document size (recommended width 67 cm, height as needed)
2. insert texts, graphs, pictures…
3. please send the document in PPT(X) or JPG format (recommended resolution 300 dpi, minimum 100 dpi) by June 18 to amca@amca.cz.